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ViaPose Patch

ViaPose patch is made especially for women to help overcome female anxiety during the menopause; hot flushes, agitation, etc... in order to improve everyday life.

It helps normalize body functions and reduce symptoms of PMS or menopause. It has been reported to enhance sexual desire, sensation, with increased energy. Assists with body toning and helps normalize weight and aids overall health.

The formula used in Via Pose patch contains ingredients such as Soya (without OGM) and Wild Yam that are combined to assist overcoming the female anxiety thus helping to bring hormone levels into balance for improved mood and overall well being. The patch will help tone and strengthen the body and enhance energy and sexual desire.

Formulated to:
  • Overcome female anxiety
  • Relieve PMS
  • Relieve Menopause
  • Encourage Sexual Desire
  • Improve Muscle Elasticity
  • Enhance Sex
  • Enhance Mood
  • Improve Overall Health

  • Via Pose
    patch, is a Via Tonic cosmetic product 

    Enlarge Russian Via Pose picture

    Hypoallergenic self adhesive patches.
    Patch Technology:

    Via Tonic
    ViaPose patch
    Source of Supply:
    Manufactured in France (E.U.)
    Wallet Dimensions:
    13.5 cm x 10.5 cm
    Wallet Weight:
    0.15 kg
    Externally. Via Pose is a cosmetic
    Available packaging:
    Wallets in English-Russian. Other languages upon request.
    Other Details:
    Via Pose Patches are also available in bulk with no packaging or in plain plastic bags for the direct marketing industry. Via Tonic Via Pose can also be tailored to your requirements: we can boost or add ingredients
    to satisfy your own market. We can create your own packaging and support material.
    Please contact us.
    Glycine Soya L., Salvia Officinalis L.,Humulus lupulusl., dioscorea villosa, cupressus sempervirens, uona odoratissima


    Apply one Via Pose patch daily at the base of the back, lumber region or abdomen.

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