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 About Us

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Stambouli Enterprises (Cyprus) Ltd, promoters and owners of the Via Tonic and Via Doctor brands, have, in this field, resolutely stirred towards the development of the new technologies of vegetal extraction.

These new technologies allow, by isolating the active element of the plant, to obtain an optimum concentration of the plant extract in a way which can be perfectly assimilated by the body.

These technologies, results of advanced research (E.F.G.M., Ultra-Filtration, Triple Extraction...) are also accompanied by extremely sophisticated and rigorous controls and tests (control H.P.L.C., control C.C.M., test in vivo, test in vitro...), in order to associate the research procedure to a guarantee of maximum efficacy.


Innovation laboratories work intensively for Via Tonic and Via Doctor in order to develop new formulations and new conceptions of the principle of active vegetals as 100% natural complements to dietary and cosmetics.
The use of these new technologies of vegetal extraction opened a very large and new commercial field in expansion in the following directions:

• Dietary complements: through the development and conception of products oriented towards Beauty, Shape and Well Being.
• Bio-Dietary: by the set up of bio-farming methods of plants for the production of vegetal extracts.
• Cosmetics, by the launching of new cosmetic products, many of them still in development.

• Dietetics: with the development of new health-food.
• Para Medical: With cosmetic products to relieve headaches, articulation pain, menopause pain and sexual enhancements.

Procedure of development of a new product

Biological culture

Controlled harvesting

Plants delivery to the R&D Center

Elaboration of a manufacturing protocol


Simulation in laboratory

Conformity analysis


Quality control


Our capabilities


The Via Tonic Team is capable to set up a complete project, from its formulation and conceptualization, to brochures, leaflets, catalogs, conferences for all markets involving Health, Beauty and Shape.

We offer our customers from all over the world the largest policy of openness on the origin of the products and we are capable of identifying a product from the raw material to the finished product.

We also develop products on demand for our customers and assist in the set up of their marketing campaign whether for distribution or for their mail order activity.

In addition we are capable of modifying the formula of any product in order to make it more acceptable on different markets.

Our know how on the world markets

The Stambouli Enterprises
have been highly specialized in the export field since 1965, nearly 40 years now and are very familiar with local and international rules and regulations.

Further, phyto nutritional and food complements have their proper specifics. In order to conform with all local legal and commercial obligations of each individual country, the Company has developed the necessary tools and procedures in order to meet these requirements, and these tools are used by the laboratories developing the products:

• Botanical caractérizations (macroscopic, microscopics, C.C.M.)

• Chemical analysis (H.P.L.C.) allowing the detection and quantification of regulated or prohibited substances in order to be in conformity with International regulations.

• Physiochemical analysis (spectrophotometry, pHmétry…)

• Nutritional and organoleptic analysis


How and where to reach us

The Head Office of Via Tonic
is located within the premises of its mother Company, Stambouli Enterprises (Cyprus) Ltd in Nicosia, Cyprus, though laboratories and R&D centers are in Europe (England and France).

The Company maintain offices in numerous countries, including Cyprus, Algeria, Armenia, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and a few more.

Stambouli Enterprises (Cyprus) Ltd
Via Tonic Division
16 Kyriacos Matsis Avenue
Nicosia 1082

Mailing address:

Via Tonic
P.O.Box 23792
Nicosia 1686

Phone: + 357 22 318 388
Fax:     + 357 22 317 670
Email: info@ViaTonic.com

We can also be contacted using our contact form: please click HERE to contact us

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