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Via Dil

Now there's another option in helping you manage migraine. ViaDil patches provide an incredible relief that starts when put on.

patch produces a soothing effect for several hours. ViaDil patch helps headaches, pains, anxiety, nervousness and tiredness. The patch is safe, stress-free with no counter indications.

Suitable for both men and women, ViaDil patch is made of 100% natural ingredients

ViaDil patch, is a Via Tonic cosmetic product
Enlarge Russian Via Dil picture

Hypoallergenic self adhesive patches.
Patch Technology:
Via Tonic
ViaDil patch
Source of Supply:
Manufactured in France (E.U.)
Wallet Dimensions:
13.5 cm x 10.5 cm
Wallet Weight:
0.15 kg
Externally. ViaDil is a cosmetic
Available packaging:
Wallets in English-Russian. Other languages upon request.
Other Details:
ViaDil Patches are also available in bulk with no packaging or in plain plastic bags for the direct marketing industry. Via Tonic ViaDil can also be tailored to your requirements: we can boost or add ingredients
to satisfy your own market. We can create your own packaging and support material.Please contact us.
Propylene glycol, ginkgo biloba, spiraea ulmaria, chrysanthenium parthenium, mentha piperata, melissa officinalis, rosemarinum officinalis


From the very first symptom apply one ViaDil patch at the nape of the neck. In the evening, a patch can be applied directly on the temple.


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