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Via Celluli Patch

The demand is high for the patch that claims to remove ugly 'orange peel' fat from a woman's thighs and bottom while toning and smoothing the skin, and ViaTonic Celluli Patches are set to become one of the best selling health and beauty products in the world. Interest has been incredible - many believing that this may be the 'Viagra™ of the slimming world'.

Via Tonic Celluli Patches contains a unique combination of herbs and nutrients to tackle the unsightly lumpy, 'orange peel' effect of cellulite from within the body, wherever it appears - like thighs, bottom and upper arms.

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Scientific herbal textbooks report that these ingredients, Garcinia Cambodgia, Citrus Limonum, Magnesium Chloride, Ananas Sativus, assist blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism, help remove fluid build-up and help the breakdown and reduction of fats.

ViaTonic Celluli Patches also contains powerful antioxidants that can protect cells and blood vessels from damage. Not only are ViaTonic slimming products manufactured to the highest standard, they are also competitively priced. ViaTonic Celluli Patches are a revolutionary product that is already a massive success.

Hypoallergenic self adhesive patch that dissolves cellulite. Patch Technology:
Via Celluli Patch

A ViaTonic Product
Manufactured in the EU
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Propylene Glycol/Alcohol, Avena Sativa, Camellia Sinensis, Ruscus Aculeatus, Garcinia Cambodgia, Citrus Limonum, Magnesium Chloride, Ananas Sativus, Caffeine.


In the morning, apply 1 patch on the irreducible areas, and remove it in the evening (for example, 1 patch on each thigh for days). As the patch acts locally, apply the patch more or less 6 cm away from the previous application.

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