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Via Doctor Bust Firming

Gravity can be a woman's worst nightmare, especially when it affects the breasts. A sagging, unshapely bust is not only uncomfortable, it can seriously affect a woman's self confidence and personality.

The Via Doctor Bust-Firming course can help improve and condition sagging breasts and loose skin to give the user a smooth, firm and shapely bust. Via Doctor Bust-Firming is a unique concept in the health and beauty marketplace.

Researched and developed by the Herbal Skin Doctor laboratories, Via Doctor Bust-Firming is designed from a special triple action formula that helps combat the problem of a sagging, unshapely bust. Demand for bust-firming products has increased rapidly. Now women don't just want to lose fat, remove cellulite and get rid of wrinkles - they want perfect breasts too!

This is why Via Doctor Bust-Firming is in such big demand.

Via Doctor Bust-Firming is the most competitively priced in the business, so you buy at excellent prices. And, because it's manufactured to the highest standard, there's no compromise on quality.

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Via Doctor Bust-Firming is from the Via Doctor range.

Bust Firming gel
Via Tonic
Via Doctor Bust-Firming gel
Source of Supply:
Manufactured in England (E.U.)
Bottle Dimensions:
Bottle Weight:
Available packaging:
English-Russian, English-Arabic, English-Greek. Other languages upon request.
Other Details:
For quantities of 5,000+, Via Doctor Bust-Firming gel can be tailored to your own design to satisfy your own market. We can create your own packaging and support material.
Please contact us.


Via Doctor Bust-Firming gel is easy to use and takes very little time and effort. For maximum results, massage into the bust in gentle, upward sweeping movements starting under your breast and ending on the side, morning and evening for a minimum of 5 minutes.

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