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 Via Ananas

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The original Via Ananas

Via Ananas is probably the best fat burner available today on the market.

Its unprecedented triple action gives spectacular results as Via Ananas is simultaneously

1. fat burner

2. toxin eliminator

3. new fat blocker

Via Ananas will target the greasy heap. Once desincrusted, the fat is burnt in your organism

Once cleansed, Via Ananas will remove the fat from your body and will favor the evacuation of the dechets in a particularly efficient way. Your organism will no longer be encumbered by toxins: it will be purified.

Via Ananas is going to help your body capture the fat as from the beginning of the digestion, avoiding therefore the formation of new fatty reserves.

Via Ananas effects on your body are quick and visible. As from day one, your silhouette will start shaping and the results are durable.

Via Ananas is totally natural and contains no additives drugs or chemicals. Its active ingredients, including the bromaline will help support the metabolic rate whilst also reducing the craving for food.

This reduction in the quantity of food consumed immediately results in a lack of calories from which we source our energy.  In order to compensate for this loss, the body starts to utilize its ‘individual’ reserves, which are stored as ‘Fat’.  It is this reserve, which will now provide the additional fuel and energy your body requires. 

This process will benefit considerably in the ultimate aim toward realistic and sustainable weight-loss. 

The result of using Via Ananas vary from one individual to another, depending on excess weight and various other factors. Via Ananas works best as a support to a calorie controlled diet in conjunction with moderate exercise.

Via Ananas

Via Ananas


Via Ananas is available as a food supplement in boxes of 50 capsules of 340 mg
Food supplement
Via Tonic
Via Ananas
Source of Supply:
Manufactured in France (E.U.) according to the highest levels of the food supplement technology
Wallet Dimensions:
13.7 cm x 7.5 cm
Wallet Weight:
17 gr.
Two capsules a day before the main meal
Available packaging:
wallets in English-Arabic, English-French-Arabic, are readily available.
Other languages can be made available upon request.
Other Details:
Via Ananas can also be made available in bulk with no packaging or in plain plastic bags for the direct marketing industry. Via Ananas can also be tailored to your requirements: we can boost or add ingredients to satisfy your own market. We can create your own packaging and support material.

Please contact us.

                Pineapple (75,47%)                    containing bromaline

             stabilizing agent:                microcrystalline cellulose

        anti-caking agents:  Silica and MagnesiumStearate

capsule (gelatine)

colorant: titanium dioxyde


Best results are obtained by taking 2 capsules per day before the main meal: 2 capsules will bring 400mg of Ananas
The success of Via Tonic' Via Ananas resulted in a number of counterfeit products also calling themselves Via Ananas.
Via Tonic cannot be responsible for adverse effects due to the digestion of counterfeit capsules

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